Project Description

Music & Event Travels

We will give you a brand new experience of holidays. Enjoy the travel as a VIP and fulfilled with music.

BeatNut Butter

Enjoy international or local DJs, artists and bands live on stage.

Every journey with us will have a specific music direction, whether House, Electro, Techno or Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B or similar.


Special holidays for fans and friends of german Schlager.

We will bring their stars over to international destination. Be aware it won’t be a journey as usual. Expect something completely different!

Abacuzz Tourism


for you

Enjoy international stars live on stage or meet them anywhere, at the breakfast or while jumping together into the pool.

Abacuzz Tourism


to stay

We will re-arrange the concept of the hotel area to give the guests the most exciting music experience as we can.

Abacuzz Tourism


as special

Beside the music travels we will create exciting events available for all tourists in the region. Transfer included.

BeatNut Butter & Schlagermilch

Our brands as a synonym for party time at your destination.

Music & Event Travels